The Brand Food’s manufacturing plant was founded in 2010, inspired by a passion for good food and hassle-free cooking.

Through decades of experience in the hospitality industry, our family came to the conclusion that,

the quality of breadcrumbs in general need to improve on the market.

After successfully establishing our very first conventional product range we dreamed up and perfected new formulas.

In the years that followed, we set a mission to mastering the creation of truly authentic Panko, that made with exactly the same way as

 the original Japanese method.

The Mamma Crumbs brand is now available all over Europe and has become synonymous with premium quality.

We promise

Our wealth of skills and technical expertise enables our customers to achieve professional results time & time again. We guarantee perfection in every aspect when it comes to preparing a delicious meal.

Our breadcrumbs provides long-lasting crispness, modern texture and great appearance.


We are committed to preserving biodiversity
and save the planet for our children:

  • We are against deforestation and therefore reject the use of palm oil.
    We use coconut oil as a substitute.
  • Bleached flour is fully prohibited for production.
  • All ingredients are 100% natural, from trusted suppliers.
  • We are constantly striving to produce healthier and safer food, while also minimizing unnecessary waste.
  • We prioritise cooperation with environmentally friendly logistics partners.
Food safety

Bread is like a living creature that is constantly changing with the environment and requires constant attention during production, from the moment the raw material arrives until the finished product is dispatched. Due to our manufacturing process we offer consistency and quality in our supply and more importantly, complete confidence in the food safety profile. Regular analyses of microbiological tests are carried out and the quality of the raw materials is constantly monitored.


See product range:
Mamma crumbs panko breadcrumbs classic
small crumbs / large crumbs 1000g,10kg.
Mamma crumbs panko breadcrumbs classic small crumbs 200g
Mamma crumbs panko breadcrumbs organic HU-ÖKO 01 200g/1000g


Create your own brand

We will be happy to create your own private label product. We will be happy to produce your custom brand in various sizes, colours and densities, depending on the functional requirements. Please ask for  more information.

Traditional crumbs.
We also produce traditional European breadcrumbs with limited supply capacity.


We may work in the food industry, but our business is innovation. We strive to offer new culinary experiences, technologies and solutions to help you solve your unique challenges and meet consumer demands. From ideation to production, our customers trust us to deliver delicious and nutritious ingredients with impeccable service.